Custom Software Development

Custom Software development is a process of defining the requirements of the client according to their business rules and model and then create a solution to improve and assist the business model.

The software can be implemented in different places and ways. Every client has their unique situations and requirements, that’s why custom software is needed where off the shelf software can’t complement the requirements completely.

Software can be developed for different reasons. The software can be used to control the company from a computerized aspect, the software can also be used to assist processes already in place.

Software can be developed to complement current software or integrate into current software to enhance the functions.

custom software
custom software

What is custom-designed software?

Custom software is needed where generic or off the shelve software can not meet all the requirements of the client. Custom software is created with only 1 client in mind.

Every client has different needs. Some client is willing to sacrifice features and will use generic software where others want a custom fit for their requirements.

Why custom software?

The software can be developed for different reasons.  Off the shelve, the software is designed with a general market in mind.

Software is required where the need of a client are not fully met with off the shelve software.

Of the shelve software cover, most of the requirements of the client but different features are not covered for different clients.

custom software
custom software

Where to start?

When you can’t find generic software that can provide the complete solution that you are looking for you will need software that is designed for you.

There is much to do before the software can be developed. There is a complete development cycle that needs to be followed to have a successful solution.

The best place to start is to collect as much information as possible about your current environment and processes.

Advantages of the custom software

  •  It’s tailor-made to your requirements.
  • The features are defined only around your needs.
  • It fits into your current needs and business model.
  • You don’t have to change your organization to fit the software.
  • To increases productivity.
  • To increases profitability.
  • The software can be enhanced when you need to grow.
  • It’s more scalable.
  • It has more and better support.
  • It’s easier to integrate into other software and current solutions.
custom software
custom software

Disadvantages of the designed software

  • It’s not available immediately.
  • It costs more than generic software.
  • You don’t get what you expected because of bad planning

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