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We only do custom work. Every client has unique needs. We provide our clients with a custom fit for their environment and their needs. Custom software for the office or mobile to custom web development.

Custom Software

Custom software is built to integrate into your unique environment. Our custom software is built from the ground up to meet your specific needs. See what we can do for you

Custom web development

With your website, you don’t have to use what everyone else is using. We create a web presence unique for your needs, all the development is done with only your requirements and unique situation in mind.

DIY Website Special

We can help you to create a professional website yourself for R249/m, no page limits or extra cost, update when and where you want

Custom Software and Web Design

Let us develop a custom solution for your unique requirements. We will assist you from the beginning through the whole process and help all the way until we have a successful solution.

Custom software is very important because every business has different needs and that’s why custom software can satisfy all your business requirements according to your business rules that make your business unique.

Generic software is exactly what it is, it was developed to fit as many different business models as possible.  The question you have to ask yourself, do you want a solution that only does most of the tasks that you require and not exactly as you want them, maybe with lots of human actions in between. Custom software can minimize human error and human time significantly if correctly applied.

We will help you with your web development from the domain selection until you have a live website that meets all your needs. Web development is the same as custom software, it can be done to your needs and requirements. The better the design the more benefits you will get from your investment.

Custom Design Software

With custom software development we will assist you from the planning phase until the final implementation phase.

We help with the complete development

  • database creation and implementation
  • infrastructure specification
  • base requirements
  • needs analysis and requirements
  • current environment assessment
  • integration possibilities
  • variety of distribution of solution
  • prototyping of system
  • developing the solution
  • implementing the solution
  • training of the personnel

Custom Design Website

With a custom website development, we will assist you from the planning phase until the final implementation phase.

We help with the complete development

  • The domain selection and registration
  • The hosting of domain and webspace
  • We assist with requirements
  • Help to choose website templates
  • Help planning of modules
  • Plan your static pages
  • Add dynamic pages
  • logos and images
  • E-commerce
  • Online shop
  • SEO
  • Ranking reports
  • Maintenance of websites and upgrades
  • We do training to update your own website
custom design


Your webspace is linked to a domain. It is the address of your webspace. facebook.com is a domain name.

custom design


Search Engine Optimization is the optimization of a website so that it ranks better in a search by a search engine.

custom design


You need good maintenance on custom development, to keep it working to its optimal performance.

custom design


Hosting is the server that will show the webpages to the world, your e-mails that are linked to your domain is also hosted by a server.

custom design


The ranking is where your website is listed when someone is searching for something in a search engine , like google.

custom design


Always best practice making a regular backup of all data in case of tragedy

custom design


The database is where the data for a software program of a website is stored. Data are stored centrally, for update and retrieval.

custom design

User friendly

Most important is for any system to be very user friendly and easy to use and learn.

custom design


Support is very important after implementation to keep the development perform well.

custom design


Content Management System is the framework where the modern website is managed. The CMS controls the look and feel and the content thereof.

custom design


To have the required functionality is the purpose of good custom development.

custom design


Custom development needs to be scalable to grow with your organization.